New Faculty and Other FAQs

What is the process for getting a new faculty member to "show up" in the employee look-up in Kuali Research (KR)? Do new faculty still need to certify? (Yes!) Why doesn't a UMMC resident appear in KR? Can we just add the person in the Address Book? (Maybe)

Kuali Research Employee Look-up:  Also known as the "Person Table".  Employee data is populated in KR from the Human Resourses (HR) feed and includes (1) anyone on UMB payroll and (2) active records in the UMB Community System, that is, UMB Affiliates. A person must appear in the Employee look-up in KR in order to be a PI on a proposal and certify the proposal.

Process for adding a person as a UMB Affiliate: Have your HR liaison enter the person in the Community System. Then, either the Affiliate or the HR liaison will request access to Kuali Research via the App Request system. After the Community System and App Request records are approved, the HR feed will update KR. This process usually takes a few days.

Other steps: 

  • Complete and submit a User Request form to give a new PI access in KR to review and certify the proposal.
  • The PI should go to the myUMB Portal page and click "First Time User, Setup Your Password". Contact the CITS help desk ( if you have problems with this step.
  • New faculty resources

Kuali Research Non-employee Look-up:  Also known as the "Address Book" or "Rolodex". These records are entered by request of Kuali Research users. The Address Book contains non-UMB employees including subrecipient investigators, consultants, sponsor contacts, and others. Use the Address Request form.

What about residents?:  Even though UMMC residents are appointed in an SOM department, they are not usually on UMB payroll. If the resident will be the PI on a UMB proposal, the resident should be added in the Community System as described above so that they will appear in the employee look-up in KR and will be able to certify the proposal. If the resident will be listed as a Key Person, then we can add them in the Address Book so that they will appear in the non-employee look-up in KR.