The Office of University Policy and Procedures (UPP) is located within the Office of the Provost. This office provides a centralized hub for efficient management of University policies and procedures on campus.

UMB Office of University Policy and Procedures

What is the difference between a policy and a procedure? 

A policy is a principle or protocol to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes, and is stated as intent. The policies included in the Library are intended to regulate and control organizational actions. They flow from policy at the University System of Maryland level, using a similar content organization and numbering system.

Procedures are customary methods of handling business. Procedures in the Library are routine business processes on campus that involve two or more departments working together to complete University goals. Documenting these separately from a policy allows for increased flexibility and responsiveness.

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To propose a new policy or a revision of a current policy, please submit this form with a summary of the policy need and requirements.

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Submission of Policy and Procedure Proposals

All policy and procedure proposals must be submitted through the UMB Policy Administration System for review and processing by the UMB Office of Policy and Procedures. Please use the policy request link above to submit all proposals or revisions.

Policy and Procedure Updates

December 2023
III-1.11(C) - Policy on Identifying and Addressing Institutional Conflicts of Interest to Preserve Integrity of Research and Other Academic Activity

The scope of an ICOI review involves the financial interests of the University of Maryland, Baltimore (“University”) and of those senior leaders acting within their authority on behalf of the University in matters that could (or could reasonably be perceived to) negatively impact the objectivity or integrity of the University’s core missions of research, scholarship, or teaching.

Compliance with this Policy only covers review of institutional interests and is separate from and in addition to review under state ethics laws, policies, and procedures concerning individual conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment applicable to faculty and staff. Senior Officials identified in this Policy may have multiple disclosure obligations. Review of a Significant External Relationship under this Policy is not considered approval of outside professional activities / secondary employment addressed by other policies.

IX-3.00(A) - UMB Policy on Private Fundraising and Stewardship

Endowed funds are created from donor gifts that are accepted with the stipulation that the donor intends the fund to exist in perpetuity. The UMBF Board of Trustees has set $25,000 as the minimum funding level for an endowment, although Schools may set higher funding levels for specific purposes (e.g., endowed professorships). 

The UMB Foundation is recognized by the University System of Maryland as an affiliated philanthropic support foundation. All gifts and pledges are to be administered through the UMB Foundation. Please contact the Office of Gift Administration ( with any questions.

VI-XX.01 - Policy on emergency medical equipment

UMB allows departments, schools, or units to purchase and maintain first aid kits if they adhere to the requirements outlined in the Procedure for First Aid Kits at UMB.

UMB departments, schools, or units with operations that are not on the downtown campus may contact the Office of Public and Occupational Health to discuss whether their location needs first aid kits and or personnel trained in first aid.