Collaborations and Subrecipients

The project team for a sponsored project often includes collaborators from outside UMB, scholars visiting UMB to learn and participate, subrecipients, and consultants. These pages describe typical roles of collaborators and procedures associated with them.

Campus visitors: Issues and procedures, including Visitor Agreement information, associated with short- and long-term visitors who come to UMB to observe, learn, perform research, present seminars, attend conferences, and participate in other activities.

Collaborator roles: How to distinguish consultants, subrecipients, and other significant contributors, including instructions related to proposals and awards.

International subrecipients: Information addressing the distinct challenges of working with international collaborators at the proposal stage and when issuing the subaward.

MPowering collaborations: Working with University of Maryland College Park to promote innovation and impact through collaboration.

Proposals with subrecipients: Instructions, forms, tips, and resources for subrecipient proposals and budgets.

Subawards: Procedures and tips for initiating and managing a subaward; subaward manual and information about subrecipient monitoring.

Vendor or subrecipient?: Understand the important differences between procurements and collaborations, and how to determine whether an organization should be treated as a vendor or a subrecipient.