UMB and USM Policies

Animal Welfare Assurance

Centers and Institutes

Classified and proprietary work

Conflict of Interest

Cost Sharing Policy

Effort Reporting

Equipment Management

Export Control Policy

Human Subjects - Human Research Protections

Institutional Base Salary Policy

Intellectual Property

Ownership, Management, and Sharing of Research Data

Policy and Procedure for the Establishment of Temporary Projects

Principal Investigator Eligibility Policy

Publication and openness in research

Record Retention Guidelines

Research Integrity

Special Bank Accounts: UMB Policy on Special Bank Accounts for UMB Funds

Solicitation and Acceptance of Sponsored Projects

Subaward Manual

Subaward Manual Appendix A - Federal contract clauses

Subaward Manual Appendix B - Matrix of Uniform Guidance applicability

Subaward Manual Appendix C - Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data

Subaward Manual Appendix D - A brief explanation of how subawards are numbered

Subaward Manual Appendix E - Contractor's Assignment form for subaward close-out

Subaward Manual Appendix F - Subaward Close-out Authorization Form for completion by the UMB Principal Investigator

UMB Code of Ethics and Conduct

Whistleblower Policy on Reporting Fiscal Irregularities, Illegal Activity, and Violations of Policy

Visiting Scientists and Scholars