Subaward Budgets

Subaward Budget Forms

SPA instructions and tips

Non-S2S proposals:  Select a subaward budget form from the SPA Forms page

S2S (Federal) proposals:  In the Kuali Research S2S section of your proposal, link to the Funding Opportunity Announcement.

Once you have linked, view the Forms tab. The list will include a Subaward Budget in the left column (Form Name).

Click the name of the form to download the form. Open with Adobe Reader.  

Extract a copy of the R&R Budget Form from the downloaded R&R Subaward Budget Attachment(s) Form and send the extracted file to the subrecipient for completion. NIH instructions.  

Upload subaward budget to your proposal:  Upload subaward budget into your proposal AFTER all UMB costs for all years have been generated (autocalculated).