Proposal Entry

Getting Started

Proposal entry instructions and tips
Information required to save a new proposal:

1. Proposal Type: For S2S proposals, if you are submitting a Changed/Corrected proposal, you must select one of the Changed/Corrected proposal types

2. Lead Unit: Once selected and saved in a proposal, the Lead Unit cannot be changed.

  • For most investigators, select the department where the PI holds their academic (primary) appointment.
  • For SOM PIs who are appointed to a Center or Institute, select the Center or Institute as the Lead Unit.

3. Activity Type: This selection drives the F&A rate that is applied to your proposal budget.

4. Sponsor Code: If your sponsor is not in the Sponsor Look-up, request a new Sponsor using the Address Request.

5. Project Start Date

6. Project End Date

7. Project Title

Upon saving this information the first time, the proposal is created.

Make note of (write down) the Proposal Number for future reference. It is found in the upper left corner of the screen.

When applicable, add the Prime Sponsor Code in the field at the bottom of the page. The Prime Sponsor Code should be entered if UMB is submitting a subaward proposal to another organization that will then submit the full proposal to the Sponsor.