Interim and Progress Reports

Progress reports may be due throughout an award period and are commonly due before the next budget year is funded by the sponsor.

  • Progress reports should be routed when funding of the continuation year is contingent upon sponsor’s receipt of the report.
  • Federal Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPR) is an online reporting format used by the NIH and other federal granting agencies. The RPPR does not need to be routed.
  • Follow up with subrecipients to obtain their progress reports in sufficient time to include the information in UMB's report.
  • Ensure that subrecipient invoicing is up-to-date and that a final invoice for the budget year has been submitted within 45-60 days after the end of the award year.
  • Reconcile accounts routinely and work with SPAC to ensure timely submission of financial reports and/or invoices.