The Kuali Research (KR) award module contains all sponsored awards received by UMB. Awards are entered into KR after the award is set up in Quantum by Sponsored Project Accounting and Compliance (SPAC).

What data will you find in the KR Award record? The Award record is a snapshot of key information about the grant or agreement and includes:

  • Dates
  • Funding proposal
  • Funding amounts
  • Financial department
  • PI and key persons
  • Approved subawards
  • Award documents, temporary account requests, SPAC notices
  • Links via Medusa to the Proposal, any Subawards, and other Project Years of the Award.

Search for an Award 

From the Welcome screen, select Unit from the top menu bar.

In the Post-Award column, click the magnifying glass to the right of Award

Enter search data in one or two fields. Use the asterisk * as a wildcard. Examples:

  • Sponsor Award ID: This is the sponsor grant or contract identifier. Search for a portion of the number using the wildcard - *CA012345* (for R01CA012345-01)
  • Account ID:  Search by Project ID
  • Sponsor ID:  Use the magnifying glass to search for the sponsor
  • Investigator:  Use the magnifying glass to search for the PI. Limit results to UMB investigators by entering Campus Code = 02
  • Lead Unit ID:  The Lead Unit for the proposal carries forward to the Award. Enter the 8-digit unit code.

Screenshot of Kuali Research Award Lookup

Search Results 

Award ID—This is the system-generated number assigned by KR to the award when it is entered. There are two parts to this number: a sequential number with 6-digits followed by (-) and 5-digits, i.e., 211908-00001.  The entire number is the KR Award ID.

  • -00001 is the first record which SPA calls the Parent award. This is what SPA uses to begin the award in KR. There are no documents in -00001 records except unfunded agreements.
  • -00002, 3, 4, etc. are the subsequent records for the award. Most often, the -00002 record will have the award documents uploaded. Each year of the award and each child account will have its own record, -00002, -00003, etc.

Account ID—in the -00001 record, this is the Quantum Award Number (aka SPA Job #). In subsequent records, -00002, -00003, etc., this is the Quantum Project ID or Child Account ID. 

Click any of the column headings (Award ID, Sponsor Award ID, Account ID, Project Start Date, etc.) to put the returned search results in sequential order.

To open an award record, go to the line of the award you would like to view and click “Open”.

Screenshot of an award lookup result in KR

Viewing an Award Record 
NOTE: You must have KR User Roles that allow you to view awards for your department (such as Department Post-Award roles). The “permissions” to view are based on the Lead Unit for the Award, which is the same as the Lead Unit for the Proposal.

You may need to click “show” to open the panel in order to view some data.

Award Tab:

Funding Proposal panel: Links the Award to the related Institutional Proposal.

  • Institute Proposal is the module in Kuali Research that collects all submitted proposals

Details & Dates Panel: Contains key data about the award including the KR-generated Award ID, account type, activity type, award type, title, sponsor, and sponsor award ID. The Time & Money section includes the award project and budget periods and the anticipated and obligated funding. The Project dates indicate the entire period of the award and the Obligation dates indicate the dates of the specific budget year.

  • Temp accounts will not have any funds in the “Obligated Amount”.  The amount listed on the temp account request form will be listed under the “Anticipated Amount” filed.

Subawards panel: Shows subrecipient and amounts for approved and/or issued subawards. If the subaward has been issued, you may click on “Open Subaward” to the left of the line to view the subaward record.

Contacts Tab:  Lists the PI and other key persons, in the Key Personnel and Credit Split panel.

Commitments Tab:  Contains cost sharing information (when applicable) and F&A rates.

Payment, Reports and Terms Tab: Contains high level information about award requirements. For details, review the award document.

Compliance Tab: Information from the Compliance section of the proposal, including Human Subjects.

Supplemental Information Tab:  The Baltimore – General panel carries forward information from the Proposal including the Financial Department.  The Baltimore – Other panel contains the NIH Mechanism (when applicable).

Comments, Notes & Attachments Tab: In the -00001 record (“parent”), this tab should contain all unfunded agreement requests or Master Agreements.  The subsequent records (00002, -00003, etc.) should have the award documentation, including any modifications, supplements, child accounts, temp account requests and SPAC notices (although the SPAC notice may not be in all KR award records). 

Medusa Tab: The Medusa page of the Award document displays a graphical representation of related Proposal Development, Institutional Proposal, Subaward, and Award e-docs through the use of an expandable/collapsible tree view. You may expand the summary of key information about the selected document and, if you have the appropriate "permissions", open the related Proposal, Institutional Proposal, Subaward, or Award from within the Medusa section.

Screenshot showing the button to open a proposal from Medusa