Participant Rights

Your Rights as a Research Participant

As a research participant, you have specific rights. Please read carefully the following information.

Access to Care

This includes medical care and treatment regardless of race, creed, gender, disability, national origin, or ability to pay. Care may include pain management, psychosocial, and spiritual concerns.


You may expect a reasonable response to requests and needs for service or treatment within the center's capacity, its stated mission, and applicable laws and regulations.

Respect and Dignity

You will receive considerate, respectable care at all times and under all circumstances, with recognition of your personal dignity.

Personal Safety

You may expect reasonable protection and safety insofar as the medical center's practices and environment are concerned.


You may have access to people outside of the medical center, as appropriate to your level of care and within the requirements of the research protocol.

Advance Directives

You can decide on future health care needs and appoint an agent to make health care decisions when you personally are unable to decide your care.


You will receive information that will help you understand and participate in a specific research study. This includes types of procedures and/or treatments, possible consequences, and the names of research staff. You have the right to refuse involvement in the research at any time without impacting your future care.

Continuity of Care

You may expect reasonable continuity of your care. You will know in advance your schedule of appointments and when physicians/investigators will be available. You will be informed about health care requirements after your discharge.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Your rights to privacy and confidentiality will be respected in all matters relating to your health within the limits of the law.