Letter of Support Explanation

Include the following explanation in your response when the proposed subrecipient pushes back on your request for a Letter of Support:

While both institutions are part of the FDP, the Letter of Support (LOS) that UMB is requesting is needed at the time of proposal submission for UMB to complete its requirements for routing. This is a requirement for UMB’s subrecipient monitoring process and risk assessment for all subrecipients. At this time, UMB does not need the subrecipient commitment form signed; however, we will request a signed form upon should UMB receive an award based on this proposal.

Please forward a signed LOS from your institutional official so that UMB may submit this proposal for routing and UMB approval. A copy of UMB’s LOS template is attached for your reference (Attachment A - Subrecipient Letter of Support Sample). If you have any questions, please let me know.