Other Exclusions

In addition to Fundamental Research, certain other kinds of information are "excluded" and not subject to the U.S. export control regulations.

The Public Domain Exclusion applies to information and research results already published and actually available through:

  • Libraries, bookstores, newsstands.
  • Trade shows, meetings, and/or seminars open to the public.
  • Websites open to the public.
  • Courses listed in the university catalog of a general nature.

Note that dissertation research must meet the requirements for Fundamental Research to qualify as "publicly available."

The education exclusion exempts from export controls the sharing of information commonly taught in colleges and universities (ITAR) or educational information released by instruction in catalog courses and associated teaching laboratories (EAR). Therefore, in general, no license is required to share information as part of a course being taught. Note, however, that the education exclusion does not apply to proprietary information and certain information deemed classified or sensitive by the federal government.