Corporate Funded Proposals

Corporate-funded proposals are usually reviewed, and the agreement negotiated and accepted by, the Center for Clinical Trials and Corporate Contracts (CCT). In this context, corporate-funded means that the sponsor is a for-profit corporation.

Approval routing:

  • If the Sponsor is a corporation, the proposal will automatically route to CCT for approvals.
  • If there is both a Sponsor and a Prime Sponsor for the proposal and either of those is a corporation, the proposal approval may "move" from Sponsored Program Administration (SPA) to CCT or vice versa. Please contact your SPA Team and/or CCT with any questions.

Agreements negotiated by CCT must be submitted through BOTH Kuali Research (KR) and UMBiz. Access UMBiz via the myUMB Portal.

Tips for Corporate-funded Propsals in Kuali Research:
  • On the Proposal Details screen, select the Activity Type that fits the proposed scope of work.
  • If the Sponsor is a corporation, the Corporate Questionnaire will be completed as part of the KR proposal. The corporate questionnaire, among other things, asks for a UMB contact name (which must be in the KR Employee look-up) and a sponsor contact name (which must be in the KR Address Book look-up). Some corporate sponsors are added in KR without contact names. If a needed Sponsor Contact is not listed, please complete the Address Request form and request to add a new non-UMB person.
  • Standard F&A rates for commercially-sponsored research and clinical trials will be applied when the Sponsor is a corporation. In the budget module, budget settings, select TDC (Total Direct Costs) for the F&A Cost Basis, unless the funding opportunity instructions state otherwise.