Corporate Funded Proposals

Corporate-funded proposals are usually reviewed, and the agreement negotiated and accepted by, the Center for Clinical Trials and Corporate Contracts (CCT). In this context, corporate-funded means that the Sponsor is a for-profit corporation.

Contact your SPA Team with any questions regarding proposal routing. Contact SPA to discuss the routing if there is any funding source in addition to the corporate funding (examples: prime sponsor is federal; corporate funds are passing through a university subaward).

Agreements negotiated by CCT must be submitted through BOTH Kuali Research (KR) and UMBiz. Access UMBiz via the myUMB Portal.

Tips for Corporate-funded Proposals in Kuali Research:
  • On the Proposal Details screen, select the Activity Type that fits the proposed scope of work.
  • If the Sponsor is a corporation, the Corporate Questionnaire will be completed as part of the KR proposal. The corporate questionnaire, among other things, asks for a UMB contact name (which must be in the KR Employee look-up) and a sponsor contact name (which must be in the KR Address Book look-up). Some corporate sponsors are added in KR without contact names. If a needed Sponsor Contact is not listed, please complete the Address Request form and request to add a new non-UMB person.
  • Standard F&A rates for commercially-sponsored research and clinical trials will be applied when the Sponsor is a corporation. In the budget module, budget settings, select TDC (Total Direct Costs) for the F&A Cost Basis, unless the funding opportunity instructions state otherwise.