The mission of the UMB Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) is to advance evidence-based teaching and learning, and assessment and evaluation practices throughout the University community. The FCTL partners with faculty, staff, and administrators in the curation, collaboration, and co-creation of teaching and learning resources for educational enhancement and student success.

FCTL Teaching IconFaculty Center for Teaching and Learning

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) supports faculty in the execution of their roles as instructors, assessors, change leaders, researchers, and mentors. The FCTL can be viewed as a virtual and live collaboration zone, where educational innovators and instructors go to exchange ideas, solve problems, and learn about new tools, from and with each other. The FCTL aims to foster and sustain an educational culture that promotes and rewards excellence in teaching, helps to create innovative learning environments where individual differences are respected and advances the scholarship of teaching.

FCTL Contribution IconContribution to the UMB mission

The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning supports the UMB mission through specific efforts to sustain educational excellence as the center contributes to the UMB mission in all areas, supporting: student success, research and scholarship, educational inclusivity and diversity, assessment and efficiency, and collaboration. Educational research demonstrates that many learning outcomes are a result of, and correlate to, instructional activities and instructor behaviors. Therefore, the FCTL will:

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  1. Apply educational research evidence to enhance teaching approaches and assessment practices for student success.
  2. Foster knowledge about how individual differences strengthen and contribute to exceptional learning environments.
  3. Collaborate with faculty to promote and reward exemplary programs, develop individual instructors, and co-create new programming.
  4. Expand our global education reach through consultation and dissemination of UMB programming to educational partners.
  5. Initiate, guide, and disseminate rigorous educational research and evaluation of our efforts.

The FCTL was proposed during UMB’s 2017 – 2021 strategic planning process. A task force identified a need to expand support and resources for faculty teaching and learning specific to technology-enhanced learning and online (distance) education. Over time, the FCTL activities and services will include not only technology-enhanced learning and online (distance) services for UMB’s schools, but also instructional resources via the new FCTL website; a faculty "teaching fellows" program; faculty learning communities; teaching consultations; clinical teaching resources, educational workshops and writing support; preparing future faculty resources; and local, educationally focused conferences.

FCTL Survey IconFaculty Survey

Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning was established to enhance student success by providing faculty the support, services, and resources needed to achieve excellence as instructors. The purpose of this survey is to understand the interests, priorities, and expectations of UMB's faculty members as educators. Feedback will be used in the development of relevant programming.

The purpose of the Student Survey of Teaching and Learning Experiences is to take the “pulse” of students relative to their educational experiences at UMB, regardless of school or program. The survey asks students to rate experiences with active learning, feedback, faculty availability, communication, creativity, and conscientiousness. We are also taking inventory of the varied ways in which the curricula are delivered, i.e. face to face, web-enhanced, online, in clinical and laboratory settings. Students will receive an email with a direct link to the survey.