International Travel

NSPM-33 Directive: Agencies should require that research organizations maintain international travel policies for faculty and staff traveling for organization business, teaching, conference attendance, research purposes, or any offers of sponsored travel that would put a person at risk. Such policies should include an organizational record of covered international travel by faculty and staff and, as appropriate, a disclosure and authorization requirement in advance of international travel, security briefings, assistance with electronic device security (smartphones, laptops, etc.), and pre-registration requirements. 

UMB maintains international travel policies for employees, nonemployees, and students traveling internationally for UMB business and provides services such as pre-departure security briefings, assistance with electronic device security and export controls, and research security briefings.

Individuals traveling internationally for UMB business or with UMB assets are responsible for complying with export control laws and regulations. International travel may be subject to export control regulations depending on the travel destination, hardware, software, and/or technical data the traveler carries. The RSM and ECO review UMB employee, nonemployee, and student international travel to assess potential export control considerations, including export licensing requirements for university-owned samples, equipment, software, or technology employees intend to hand-carry or ship separately to their foreign destination. 

ORD partners with the UMB International Operations (IO) department to access information regarding international travel and the Concur travel system to ensure that employees, nonemployees, and students receive adequate information regarding export controls and research security before their travels. Visit the Global Hub for detailed travel information, including International travel policies and procedures, pre-departure preparation, and international travel FAQs. Appropriate approval of Business Travel is required before commencement of the Business Travel as described in Procedure on Business Travel for UMB Employees and Procedure on Business Travel for Nonemployees.