Alphabetical Index of Key Topics

Index of Key Terms and Topics

Links to pages on key research administration topics are listed in alphabetical order. Is something missing? Please suggest terms, policies, or procedures to add.

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Absence of PI


Activity Types

Address request, Kuali Research — new entries for persons (non-UMB), performance sites, subrecipients, sponsors

Administrative salaries

Allowable costs

Animal use

ASSIST (NIH multiproject proposal submission)

Authorized signature

Award review and negotiation

Bank accounts — policy on special bank accounts for UMB funds

Budget development

Budget justifications

Budget modification

Budget template for subaward request

Budgets for clinical studies

Buildings list — on- and off-campus designations and KR Address Book ID

Campus visitors

Carryforward form

Checklist: International Proposals

Checklist: Kuali Coeus Proposals

Checklist: Last minute proposals

Checklist: NIH F-series proposal attachments - Fellowships

Checklist: NIH K-series proposal attachments - Career development

Checklist: NIH R-series proposal attachments

Child Project Request Form

Clinical billing analysis

Clinical trial agreements


Collaborator Roles

Community System (add nonemployee as an affiliate)

Confidential disclosure agreement

Conflict of interest

Congressional district


Continuous submission (NIH)

Contract negotiation

Copyright disclosure

Corporate agreements

Corporate Clinical Trial Tracking System (CCTTS)

Cost sharing

Cost Sharing Commitment Form

Cost transfers

DRIF allocation form — Memo of Understanding for Collaborative Routings

DUNS number

DUNS number requirement for subrecipients

eCommons User access and affiliation


EIN - Entity Identification Number

Environmental Health and Safety research compliance

Equipment management

Export controls/compliance

F&A cost rate

Faculty transfer (incoming to UM)

Faculty transfer (outgoing)

Fastlane (NSF) User access and affiliation

FDP Clearinghouse Pilot information and form

Federal notices of interest

Federal regulations related to grants

Fellowships (NIH)

Fly America Act

Foreign subrecipients

Foreign travel

Frequently requested proposal information (DUNS, EIN, etc.)

Fringe benefit rate

Funding opportunity search

Gift definition

Human subjects

Human Subjects grant forms in Kuali Research

Human Subjects Study Record Decision Tree tool

Indirect costs

Institutional base salary (IBS)

Institutional biosafety committee (IBC)

Institutional data for proposals

Institutional review board (IRB)

Intergovernmental Personnel Assignment (IPA)

Internal awards routing

International collaborations

International travel


Invention disclosures

Just-in-time documentation

Kuali Research requests (new user roles; new entries for persons (non-UMB), performance sites, subrecipients, sponsors)

Letters of intent

Limited submission funding opportunities

Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) requests

Material transfer agreements

Medicare billing analysis

Memo of Understanding for Collaborative Routings — DRIF allocation form

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for international programs

Modular budgets

MPowering collaborations

Multi-PI proposals

Multi-project NIH proposals


National Association of College and University Business Officer (NACUBO)

National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA)

Negotiation of awards and agreements

NIH fellowships

NIH Grants Policy Statement

NIH salary cap

No-cost extension

On- and Off-Campus Buildings

Organizations (Subrecipients) - add to Kuali Research

Other Significant Contributor (OSC)

Patient care costs

Participant support costs

Payment addresses

Peer review

Performance Sites

PI transfer (incoming to UMB)

PI transfer (outgoing)

Policies and procedures

Pre-award spending


Principal Investigator eligiblity policy

Principal Investigator responsibilities

Prior approval requests

Procedures Library

Project ID set-up

Project Information Form (SPA Team Black)

Proposal budget development

Proposal routing

Proposal writing

Public access of publications

Purchase orders for subcontracts

RAC (Research Administrators Committee)

RAVEN Access Request

RAVEN-Coeus reports (about)

Record retention

Research Administrators Committee (The RAC)

Research agreements

Research Matters forum


RPPR (NIH Research Performance Progress Report)

Salary cap

Society of Research Administrators (SRA) International

SPA resources and FAQs

SPA-SPAC quarterly meetings

Sponsored Projects Accounting and Compliance (SPAC)

Sponsor review of proposals

Sponsor - add to Kuali Research

Staff assignments in SPA


Subaward request (form)

Subawards (outgoing - UM issues subaward)

Subrecipient (organization) — request to add to Kuali Research

Subrecipient (Subaward) budget forms - forms to use in the Kuali Research budget

Subrecipient Commitment Form — for subawards to be issued by UMB

Temporary projects

Temporary Project Request Form

Training in Kuali Research

Training in grants and contracts

Travel rates - mileage and per diem

Unfunded agreements

Uniform Guidance

U.S. Flag Carrier/Open Skies

Vendor vs. subrecipient

Visiting scientist or scholar

Writing proposals