Licenses and Authorizations

An export license is a document issued by the U.S. government granting the right to export an item or information under specified conditions.

Whether a license is needed depends upon:

  • What information, technology, technical data, or services may be exported.
  • Where the information or item is going.
  • Who (individuals and entities) will receive the information, technology, or technical data.
  • The end use of the item or information (purpose for which the end user will utilize it).

The first step is to determine whether an exclusion, license exception, general license, or authorization is available under the regulations. UMB's export officers may request additional information regarding the equipment, software, and/or activities in question to make this determination. At UMB, the fundamental research exclusion often applies.

When we determine that an item or information is controlled by the regulations and that no exclusion, license exception, general license, or authorization is available, the export officers will work with the investigator to decide whether or not to request a license or other authorization from the regulating agency and, if so, will submit the request on behalf of the investigator. In rare cases, we will not be able to move forward with a transaction that is prohibited and where the U.S. government has a policy of denial for any license request.

Since the timetable for agency response and obtaining a license may be weeks to months, the investigator may wish to consider options that avoid any requirement for a license or authorization.

When a license is issued, strict compliance and record-keeping are expected.