Tips for smoother transfers

Notify subrecipients and close out subawards issued under awards that will transfer.

Review all expired awards to ensure that all required reports — financial and technical — have been submitted to the sponsor. It can be very difficult to obtain missing program and invention reports after an investigator leaves UMB.

Don’t forget to close out ...

  • Material transfer agreements.
  • IRB and IACUC protocols.
  • EHS matters (e.g., hazardous waste disposal).
  • Conflict of interest matters.

If the faculty member is a mentor or sponsor for a fellowship, please call this to the attention of your SPA team.

If an award cannot be transferred, will UMB issue a subaward for continued effort of the departing faculty member? If so, follow the procedures for subaward requests, including prior approval of the subaward (if required) and budget modification.

Will the new institution issue any subawards back to UMB for continued effort of co-investigators? If so, route a subaward proposal.