Student Insurance

Learn about UMB's mandatory insurance requirements, including the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) for full-time students and options for waiving coverage or enrolling as a part-time student, along with additional insurance plans like Dental and Vision coverage available for all students.

Mandatory Insurance

UMB charges full-time students for the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). If you prove you have other coverage, you have the option to waive the insurance plan. Part-time students can choose to enroll in health insurance through UMB.  If full-time students are enrolled in online classes that are not part of a designated Online Only Program, they are subject to the health insurance requirement as noted above. Students enrolled in designated Online Only Programs are not eligible for SHIP, unless they are part of the online MSW Program. 

Students must take action to enroll or waive each academic year. Students admitted in the Fall semester must enroll or waive by September 15th. Those admitted in the Spring semester must do so by February 15th.  

All full-time students and all Nursing students (excluding the certificate programs) are automatically enrolled in the UMB Accident Only Insurance Plan. The plan covers accidents on campus or during clinicals. 


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Student Health Insurance Plan

Learn all about UMB's Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), from enrolling, waiving and obtaining ID cards to handling special situations like medical leaves or loss of coverage. 

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Student Accident Insurance Plan

Discover UMB's Accident Only Insurance Plan, which covers accidents on campus or during clinical activities.

Optional Health Insurance Plans

All students can enroll in dental and vision insurance plans. The plans are optional. 


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Dental and Vision Insurance

Explore additional insurance options available for UMB students, including Dental and Vision plans, which can be enrolled in directly through Gallagher, offering flexibility without requiring enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan.