Student Insurance

Student Health Insurance Plan

All full-time students (Graduate Level – 9 credit hours or more, Undergraduate Level – 12 credit hours or more) are automatically billed for and enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). This does not include students enrolled in designated Online Only Programs. If students have comparable health insurance coverage they are able to waive the SHIP by completing the online Decision Form by the required waiver deadline, and the SHIP charge will be removed if the waiver is approved.

If full time students are enrolled in online classes that are not part of a designated Online Only Program, they are subject to the health insurance requirement as noted above.

Any students taking fewer than 9 credit hours for Graduate Programs and 12 credit hours for Undergraduate Programs will not be automatically billed for SHIP, but are eligible to enroll on a voluntary basis, excluding students enrolled in a designated Online Only Program. Students who want to enroll in the UMB SHIP will need to complete the Gallagher Decision Form prior to the deadline.

Generally, students enrolled in UMB designated Online Only Programs are not eligible to participate in the UMB SHIP and are not charged the health insurance fee because of the nature of their educational work. This does not include the MSHS Physician Assistant Concentration; these students are enrolled in clinical activities and are required to have health insurance. 

UMB Health Insurance Requirement

UMB professional and graduate students engage in different types of educational work on campus and participate in experiential education in the workplace — pharmacies, schools, hospitals, rehabilitation units, field sites, community service centers, etc. As such, students face workplace risks but do not qualify for workers compensation insurance to cover workplace injuries or accidents on a no-fault basis. To ensure that UMB students have access to medical care and do not present an undue legal or financial risk to the University or its affiliates, students are required to have ACA-compliant health insurance. The UMB Student Health Insurance Plan provides the appropriate coverage under ACA and consumer protections through regulation by the State of Maryland Insurance Administration.

How to Login to Gallagher to Complete the Decision Form

Please visit

1. Select “Student Login” in the top right hand corner

Students will need their University email address to access the Gallagher website. Your username is your UMB email address.  If you have not been issued a UMB email address, please contact your program.

Your temporary password is your SURFS ID, replacing the “@” symbol with a “0” (For example: If your SURFS ID is @00123456, you would enter 000123456).  If you do not know your SURFS ID, you can find this on the Welcome page of SURFS, under the “Registration Status” link.

2. Upon your first login, you will be prompted to reset your password.  A secure link will be sent to your UMB email address to complete the process.  After the password is reset, you will not receive this prompt again.

SHIP Enrollment Process

If you wish to enroll into the UMB Student Health Insurance Plan, you must complete the Decision Form by the deadline.

                             Fall Deadline:  September 15th

                             Spring Deadline:  February 15th

To enroll, please access the Decision Form and select the option to enroll.  Your registration at UMB will be verified, and the SHIP enrollment will be processed.

SHIP Waiver Process

If you wish to waive the UMB Student Health Insurance Plan, you must complete the Decision Form by the deadline.

Fall Deadline:  September 15th

Spring Deadline:  February 15th

To waive the coverage, please access the Decision Form and select the option to waive.  You will be prompted to enter your insurance information for verification that the coverage is comparable.

Please allow five (5) business days from the waiver approval date for the waiver to reflect on your student account.

For approval of a waiver, the level of benefits provided through a health insurance plan must be fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Coverage is considered comparable if it provides students with access to local providers and a range of services in the state of Maryland. Services include, but are not limited to, preventive and non-urgent care, emergency care, surgical care, inpatient and outpatient hospitalization, lab work, diagnostic X-rays, physical therapy and chiropractic care, prescription drugs, and mental health and substance abuse treatment.

If a plan is an HMO, it is very likely that coverage is limited, or not available, outside of the HMO’s service area. Before deciding whether or not to waive coverage, students should compare their current health insurance plan to the UMB Student Health Insurance Plan for cost-sharing levels (deductibles and coinsurance) and access to in-network providers.

Plans that are not considered comparable include plans that only provide emergency services in Maryland, plans that are purchased on a short-term basis, international or travel insurance plans, out-of-state HMOs or other restricted managed care plans, and out-of-state Medicaid plans.

The above criteria are used by Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk when reviewing and approving waiver requests.

What if I do not complete the Decision Form by the deadline?

Students subject to the SHIP enrollment/waiver requirement who missed the published UMB waiver deadline for Fall or Spring can appeal for a late waiver by providing justification for why they could not apply for a waiver prior to the deadline.

Please contact for assistance with filing an appeal with Gallagher.

The appeal timeframe is as follows:

Fall Semester: September 16th through October 1st

Spring Semester: February 16th through March 1st

What if my waiver is denied?

When a waiver is denied, you will receive an email notice from Gallagher stating the reason you were denied.  If you feel the denial was in error, you can modify your submitted form or upload supporting documentation for review. 

For information regarding why your waiver was denied and what steps you can take to address the denial, please click here.  

Waivers can be viewed at any time; however, waivers can only be edited for resubmission within the designated waiver period. 

Waivers are processed using both student and system provided information.  Determination of approval or denial is based on information that is available at the time of processing and is not an indication of future approvals or denials.

How to enroll into Vision Insurance through UnitedHealthcare StudentResources

Students may only enroll into the Vision Insurance policy during the open enrollment period.  Students do not have to be enrolled in the SHIP to be eligible.

The deadline for enrolling in the Vision Insurance plan is September 15th.

To complete the Vision Insurance enrollment, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Under Vision – Student Plan, click on “Explore Policy”
  3. Click “Enroll Now”
  4. Follow the instructions provided on UHCSR’s website to complete the form and pay online

**For Vision Insurance enrollments after September 15th, please complete the following form, and remit payment directly to:

First Risk Advisors
67 West Court Street
Doylestown, PA 18091 

Please note, the vision insurance plan is not prorated, and students will have to pay the annual premium costs.

How do I enroll in SHIP during the Policy Year due to loss of coverage with my current carrier?

Students who involuntarily lose coverage from their previous carrier may petition to add the SHIP at any point during the policy year.

To complete the Petition to Add (PTA), please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Petition to Add” (You will be prompted to login using your Gallagher credentials)
  3. Complete all the required demographic information on the form.
  4. You must attach a copy of your termination of coverage letter that includes confirmation of termination, and indicates the last date of coverage from the current carrier
  5. Gallagher will confirm eligibility with UMB, and the enrollment will be processed
  6. Upon completion of the PTA, a UMB Student Accounting team member will provide a current bill showing the addition of the health insurance charge for the respective semester

**To ensure there is no lapse in coverage, the PTA request must be submitted within 60 days from the termination date of the current insurance carrier

How do I enroll in Summer SHIP coverage if I am a new UMB student and my program starts in June?

New UMB students who are enrolled in a program that has a Summer start date can enroll in June and July SHIP coverage, since Fall coverage is effective August 1.

If you would like to add June and July coverage please email and we would be happy to email the required application to submit your enrollment to Gallagher.

How do I enroll in Dental Insurance?

Students enroll into Dental Insurance directly through Gallagher.  Students do not need to be enrolled into the SHIP in order to purchase the voluntary dental plan and self-pay for the insurance via the Gallagher enrollment website. 

For additional information and enrollment, please visit

Student Accident Insurance Information

All full-time registered students, Nursing students (excluding certificate programs), and MSHS-Physician Assistant Concentration students will be enrolled in and billed for the UMB Accident Only Insurance Plan. 

For additional information on the policy, please visit the following link: 

Student Accident Insurance Frequently Asked Questions