The New Common Rule revisions to the regulations governing human subjects research are due to go live on January 21, 2019.

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Human Research Protections (HRP) is a comprehensive program that affords protections for all human research participants and is under the direct leadership of the executive vice president and provost. This website is designed to provide users with the most up-to-date information related to conducting research with human participants.

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A Statement From the Institutional Official, Dr. Bruce Jarrell

I have seen remarkable medical advances that have occured over the past several decades, during which diseases have been eradicated, ameliorated, or prevented. We have all benefitted, as individuals and as a society. Read more ...

UMB HRP Components

The main focus here is to provide information, resources, and instructions for completing the review process through the IRB. While the IRB is a key player in the HRP program, there are many other components within UMB critically involved in protecting human participants. Click here to learn more.

What Can Be Found Here

For Researchers: This resource helps investigators design, write, and organize research protocols; maintain compliance with policies and regulations; create and submit IRB applications via CICERO.


HRP Office: Information regarding its role in coordinating the Human Research Protections Program and providing support for the UMB Institutional Review Board (IRB). Contact information and informatics regarding submission processing times.


Institutional Review Board (IRB): Information about the board and the executive members and their role in approving, monitoring, and reviewing biomedical and behavioral research involving humans.


For Research Participants: This section assists former, current, or prospective human research participants in obtaining information or offering input regarding research and clinical trials.


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NIH implements a series of clinical trials reforms. Effective 1-25-2018

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FDA Guidance:

IRB waiver or Alteration of the Informed Consent

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