SPA Book Club

UMB Research Book Club

The UMB Research Book Club provides an opportunity to learn more about sponsored projects while connecting with research colleagues from across the University. 

Every six weeks, join UMB’s Sponsored Programs Administration management team for a facilitated discussion of one chapter of the selected book. Participants will independently reach each chapter.

Hosted by Jill Frankenfield, associate vice president of (SPA), and the SPA senior management team.

Current Book

Demystifying the Academic Research Enterprise
By Kelvin K. Droegemeier
Download the book for free

Delve into the complexities of the academic research process and the collaborative efforts that are critical for sponsored projects. Droegemeier’s book offers a comprehensive guide for research faculty across all stages of their careers as well as central and departmental research administrators who play a crucial role in the life of a sponsored project.

Through our facilitated discussions, learn more about the varying perspectives of both researchers and administrators while engaging in broader conversations about shaping the future of research.


The dates below may be changed depending on availability. Participation in every session is not required. Please register for each session you wish to attend. A meeting link and any preparatory materials will be provided to registrants closer to each session

  1. Thursday, June 13, 2024
    Chapter 1  |  Deep in Our Bones: Why and Where We Perform Research and Creative Activity
    Facilitated by Jill Frankenfield
  2. Thursday, July 25, 2024
    Chapter 2  |  The Money Trail: Funding for Research and Creative Activity
    Facilitated by Jeanne Galvin
  3. Thursday, September 5, 2024
    Chapter 3  |  Perception and Reality: Public Attitudes, Understanding, and Use of Research
    Facilitated by Greg Sorensen
  4. Thursday, October 17, 2024
    Chapter 4  |  Essential Concepts: Performing Research and Creative Activity
    Facilitated by Kelley Lehner
  5. Thursday, November 28, 2024
    Chapter 5  |  Becoming a Detective: Finding What You Need and Using It Effectively
    Facilitated by Stacey Boyd
  6. Thursday, January 9, 2025
    Chapter 6  |  Diving into the Pool: Research Proposals, Evaluation Processes, and Project Management
    Facilitated by Greg Sorensen
  7. Thursday, February 20, 2025
    Chapter 7  |  The Give-and-Take of Criticism: Subjecting Research to Scrutiny via Peer/Merit Review
    Facilitated by Janet Simons
  8. Thursday, April 3, 2025
    Chapter 8  |  We See the World Differently: Bias and Differing Views
    Facilitated by Richard Ingrao and Jeff Purnell
  9. Thursday, May 15, 2025
    Chapter 9  |  Honesty Is the Best Policy: Ethical Conduct and Research Integrity
    Facilitated by Sarah Archibald
  10. Thursday, June 26, 2025
    Chapter 10  |  Better Safe than Sorry: Research Compliance
    Facilitated by Hiromi Sanders
  11. Thursday, August 7, 2025
    Chapter 11  |  Show Time: Making Your Work Known to Multiple Audiences
    Facilitated by Danielle Brown
  12. Thursday, September 18, 2025
    Chapter 12  |  Yours, Mine, and Ours: Ownership of Research Outcomes
    Facilitated by the Office of Technology Transfer
  13. Thursday, October 30, 2025
    Chapter 13  |  Need You and You Need Me: Collaboration, Multidisciplinary Inquiry, and Academic-Corporate Partnerships
    Facilitated by Jim Hughes
  14. Thursday, December 11, 2025
    Chapter 14  |  A Glass Half Empty or Half Full: Challenges and Opportunities for the US Academic Research Enterprise
    Facilitated by Jill Frankenfield