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What is the UMB Institute for Clinical & Translational Research (ICTR)?

The UMB ICTR is a clinical translational research initiative supported by the UMB campus.

The UMB ICTR is a campuswide clinical translational research initiative supported by the UMB campus. The UMB ICTR provides financial support as well as infrastructure, environment, training, and workforce to invigorate, facilitate, and accelerate clinical translational research to improve patient and community health. This site will highlight ICTR-supported resources as well as other campuswide shared resources and community-engagement activities. If you are unsure of the "next steps" or have problems with the ICTR website, please email ICTR Research Navigator and visit this site often for new and expanding UMB ICTR resources.  To learn more about UMB ICTR and the tremendous support from the UMB campus, visit About UMB ICTR

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News Highlights

July 01, 2022  |  The UMB ICTR Announces the ICTR 2022 Inaugural Community Engaged Research (CEnR) Pilot Grant Awardees. The CEnR pilot grant provides starter funds for projects specifically focused on innovative approaches to addressing health problems through community-engaged implementation...

June 27, 2022  |  The UMB ICTR Announces a Special Call for Applications for Two Funding Opportunities Focused on the Physiology, Pathophysiology and/or Treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome: A Two-Year Pilot Grant Award and a KL2 Mentored Career Development Award. These one-time funding opportunities are supported by a Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals settlement managed by UMB ICTR. For more information, visit...

September 28, 2021  |  The UMB HSHSL can help UMB faculty with accessing this data. Email JP Courneya jpcourneya@hshsl.umaryland.edu or Amy Yarnell ayarnell@hshsl.umaryland.edu

May 26, 2021  |  UMB ICTR TL1 Scholars Program Director, Dr.Luana Colloca, co-chairs the planning committee for SIPS, an international association of scholars who share the goal of understanding the placebo effect in medical treatment, psychotherapy, and complementary and alternative treatment. Expert faculty from the UMB Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy collaborated with SIPS to design an intehttps://sirdisciplinary, international scientific conference to advance the science of placebo research and ...

November 09, 2020  |  While the nation is undergoing unprecedent pandemic and opioid crises, Internal KL2 Scholars from UMB’s Institute of Clinical Translational Research (ICTR) are thriving and meeting these healthcare challenges. Read more about this and other ICTR Training and Career Development News...

Highlighted Upcoming Events

3:00 PM | HSFII Auditorium A monthly seminar series sponsored by the Shock, Trauma, and Anesthesiology Research Center
1:00 PM | Zoom This 3-part seminar series is to help UMB investigators navigate through the technology transfer and commercialization process.
10:00 AM | Zoom This four-session course on mentoring is designed to address the key concerns and challenges identified by research mentors that train graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.
12:00 PM | online The benefits of a free-market economy are numerous, but it's flaws are many. Surprisingly, that's not how it was designed – and it CAN be corrected.
1:00 PM | Zoom This 30-minute session will provide strategies for effective literature searches.
3:00 PM | Health Sciences Research Facility III Building (HSRF3), Room 1010 (Zoom option available) This seminar is for the clinician-educator on strategies to turn your current clinical work and education efforts into scholarship projects that can enhance your portfolios for promotion.
12:00 PM | Frenkil Lecture Hall, Health Sciences Research Facility III TOPIC: Imaging cleared tissues using tiling light sheet microscopy and its use for decoding large neural networks / SPEAKER: Liang GAO, PhD
10:00 AM | Zoom This four-session course on mentoring is designed to address the key concerns and challenges identified by research mentors that train graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.
12:00 PM | online If you had 30 seconds or less to promote yourself or your business, how would you do? A successful elevator pitch is key to inspiring a potential investor to invest in you or your idea.
12:00 PM | online Protect your ideas and other intangible inventions! Julie Hopkins of the Intellectual Property Law Clinic (IPEC), will continue discussing different types of intellectual properties

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