Campus Visitors

UMB is host to many visitors each year from around the world. These visitors to the University enrich the campus environment and provide unique skills and perspectives. Visits — long and short — are arranged by the host department and school.

Visitor agreements

Unpaid visitors to UMB who will have independent access to University facilities (visitors who are not escorted into and around UMB facilities) must sign a Visiting Scientist Agreement (VSA). In addition, any visitor who will perform research in a UMB facility must sign a VSA, including, for example, subrecipient collaborators or collaborators from local companies. “Unpaid visitors” are those whose time at UMB is compensated by the visitor’s home organization or by a scholarship or fellowship that is not administered by UMB.

The VSA addresses confidentiality, intellectual property, training, publication, and other issues. When appropriate, the VSA may reference a subaward or other agreement that supports the visitor’s collaboration. Any changes to the VSA terms and conditions or use of a different agreement will be reviewed by SPA and/or the Office of Technology Transfer.

The host department initiates the VSA and obtains signatures before submitting the agreement to Sponsored Programs Administration for signature.

In the case of a short, escorted visit to campus, no agreement may be required, but compliance with other University policies such as laboratory safety requirements and export compliance for international visitors needs to be followed.

International visitors

In the event the host department plans to invite an international visitor, the host department will work with the Office of International Services to determine the appropriate visa type based on the visitor’s planned activities at UMB. For example, most international visitors who are researchers will have a J-1 visa.

International visitors undergo an export control review. This deemed export review is incorporated into J-1 visa and Visiting Scientist Agreement processes. Contact the Export Control Officer for assistance with export compliance for other international visitors.

Other considerations

The host department is responsible for working with its school's dean’s office if an appointment for the visitor is desired.