Sponsored Programs Administration

Throughout the life of your proposal and award, Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) provides oversight and administrative support to investigators and departmental administrators.

UMB investigators were awarded $665.8 million in research, service, and training awards in Fiscal Year 2019. SPA will work with you to submit competitive proposals, negotiate agreements, and navigate the world of sponsored programs administration.

What's New?

TODAY, September 25th is National Research Administrators Day! How will you thank a Research Administrator?

PD: You put the PRO in Sponsored Programs. Thanks for all you do. Happy Research Administrator Day.

NIH:  Policy for Charging Personal Protective Equipment to NIH Grants and Cooperative Agreements as Direct Costs (NOT-OD-20-164). The purpose of this notice is to provide guidance on the criteria that support direct charges for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to NIH grants. This guidance applies to all applicants and recipients of NIH grants conducting clinical trials and clinical research as defined in the NIH Grants Policy Statement, Section 1.2. This guidance does not apply to grants and cooperative agreements that are not conducting clinical trials/clinical research.

Subaward Requests. The Subrecipient Commitment Form was updated as of 9/1/20. This form is required when the Subaward Request is submitted, for all actions. Have the the current version of this form signed by the subrecipient and uploaded to the Subaward Request.
Review our new Subaward Request FAQs

NIH: New online learning module on the Vertebrate Animals Section in grant applications

NIH-Wide Strategic Plan for COVID-19 Research Now Available

Sponsored Programs Basics This new video is intended for those new to sponsored programs and research administration. Share the link with your new hires!

COVID-19 resources related to sponsored projects:

Important to Know:

Kuali Research - In Kuali Research, be sure to select Forms F for NIH proposals. NIH Parent Opportunities for Forms F

Kuali Research - Identifying COVID-19 Funding:  As we find and submit funding opportunities, along with receiving awards for COVID-19 research, the State is requiring us to report all COVID-19 funding requests and awards. In order to comply, we have created a new question within the custom data tab in Proposal Development. This question asks if the funding is for COVID-19. Respond yes or no. This question in KR is required.

REAPPRAISED checklist aims to help readers assess whether a paper has flaws that call its integrity into question. Nature article with checklist Nature 577, 167-169 (2020)

NIH Notice NOT-OD-20-075:  NIH is updating its Certificate of Confidentiality online system that is used to request an NIH-issued Certificate of Confidentiality for non-NIH funded research. If this applies to you, read the notice for details.

NIH Notice NOT-OD-19-109: Requirement for ORCID iDs for Individuals Supported by Research Training, Fellowship, Research Education, and Career Development Awards Beginning in FY 2020
Related blog post:  Linking ORCID Identifiers to eRA Profiles to Streamline Application Processes and to Enhance Tracking of Career Outcomes

NIH Notice NOT-OD-19-114 - Reminders of NIH Policies on Other Support and on Policies related to Financial Conflicts of Interest and Foreign Components

NIH responds to:  "Where do I put the information I know you’d want, but didn’t ask for?"

Kuali Research instructions and resources

Distribution List Information: SPA and SPAC use email distribution lists to facilitate communications with department administration. To add or remove an email from your unit's distribution list, contact: Information Services for School of Medicine (help@som.umaryland.edu); Dean’s Offices for Schools of Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, and part of Social Work; Colin Hunter in CITS for School of Law, part of School of Social Work, Central Administration users

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