Kuali Research

Kuali Research is UMB's enterprise system for electronic research administration. Look here for user tips, tools, and training.

‌Whether you are a current Kuali Research user looking for pointers or resources, or a new user seeking Kuali Research access and training, this is your place of reference.

If you have a proposal question that is not directly related to Kuali Research, such as interpreting sponsor guidelines or preparing a proposal budget, please contact your department administrator or your SPA Team.

What's New in Kuali Research?

Kuali Research Modular Budget:  A "new look" for the modular budget section of the proposal budget was turned on by Kuali as of October 21. The detailed budget automatically syncs to modular, and enough detail and explanations are displayed for you to be able to review the calculations and adjust them, if need be. Instructions: Modular Budget Guide October 2019