Kuali Research

Kuali Research is UMB's enterprise system for electronic research administration. Look here for user tips, tools, and training.

‌Whether you are a current Kuali Research user looking for pointers or resources, or a new user seeking Kuali Research access and training, this is your place of reference.

If you have a proposal question that is not directly related to Kuali Research, such as interpreting sponsor guidelines or preparing a proposal budget, please contact your department administrator or your SPA Team.

What's New in Kuali Research?

UMB, UM College Park, and Kuali have been working together to merge our data into one instance of Kuali Research. Here are some changes you'll see in the merged instance:

1) One more click to log in:  The link in the UMB Portal has been updated. The first screen you see asks you to “Select Campus”.  When you select UMaryland – Baltimore you will be taken to the usual UMB log-in page.

2) Credit Allocation:  For the PI and any other persons listed on the Credit Allocation section, open the Person Details tab. Uncheck the box next to "Include in Credit Allocation".

3) PI Certification:  This questionnaire has been updated.  Based on our testing, PIs will need to certify any proposal created prior to the merger that is in the status In Progress or Revisions Requested. NOTICE: Some proposals created prior to the merger have a validation error that the PI has not certified when that is not true. This error is being caused by the change from an old (UMB) questionnaire to the new questionnaire now used by both campuses. Solution:  Delete and re-add the PI (remember to re-add the effort %, biosketch, credit allocation, etc). Have the PI certify again.

4) PI Certification Notify:  Proposal initiators/aggregators (with the UMB Department Pre-award User roles) no longer can see the Investigator Certification tab on the PI’s details.  You should see a “Notify All” button to use when you are ready to notify the investigator. And, once complete you can view the responses on the Summary/Submit tab. KR is now validating to assure that the person named as the PI is actually the one that is logged in and completing the certification.

5) Employee look-up:  For the Key Personnel tab and the budget (or any other place where the Employee look-up is available) you will now see both UMB and UM College Park employees.  Please select ONLY UMB employees. You can limit your search to UMB employees by entering 02 in the Campus Code field (toward the bottom of the search window just above the “Continue” button).

6) Supplemental Information: This section now opens to a tab of information needed by UM College Park. Click on the other tab, which is labeled: Baltimore – General.  You will see the familiar field, Financial Department.

7) Subcontract Object Codes:  In the budget, non-personnel costs, the Object Code Names for Subcontract costs have all been relabeled. There is no change in how they work and your Subaward Budget form should upload correctly. NOTICE: We saw some errors on proposals created prior to the merger where the F&A calculation was incorrect and did not exclude the subcontract costs >$25,000. If your budget includes subawards, please double-check the F&A calculations. Solution:  Delete the subaward budget file(s). Save. Re-add.

We plan to provide guidance on the SPA/KR website regarding which codes to use in those rare cases when you enter a subaward budget manually. Remember that uploading a completed Subaward Budget form is strongly preferred and works for all types of proposals.

8) Remember that KR proposal, institute proposal, and award numbers have all been changed. Proposals created prior to the merger (May 20) have a 2 appended at the beginning of the number. Look up award numbers by entering other information you know such as the Sponsor Award ID or the Account ID (Project).

9) A change we made to a configuration in KR to match UMCP's requirements has caused extra routing stops to appear. SPA is bypassing the extra routing stops.