User Access and Requests

Roles in Kuali Research are needed by proposal creators, viewers, and others. Here are the requests and instructions you need for user access and updates.

Gaining access to Kuali Research

User Roles Request — Upon receipt of a User Roles request, roles will be added for a UMB employee or Affiliate to allow the user to create, edit, or view proposal and/or award records for authorized units.

Change User Role or Unit — Submit this request to make changes to existing Kuali Research User roles.

About Kuali Research roles

New users

A person must be in the Employee Look-up in Kuali Research in order to be entered as a Key Person in the Proposal or Budget or to be granted KR User Roles. The Kuali Research records are updated from the Human Resources nightly data feed which includes employees on payroll and others who request access to Kuali Research through the App Request system.

To check whether an individual is in the KR Employee Lookup:

  • Select All Links in the left navigation and search for Person in the search field.
  • Enter 02 in the Campus Code field to limit results to UMB employees.
  • Search for the individual by name. If the individual appears in the Person results and is an Active record, then we can add Kuali Research User roles.

New Employees:  It takes time for new employees to get "in the system". Your HR liaison is the best contact for information about timing.

New Faculty: If the new faculty member will transfer grants or prepare and submit proposals from UMB prior to their appointment date, add the new faculty in the Community System as described below.

Affiliates, UMB students, UMMC residents

Logging in

Use your UMID and password to log in to Kuali Research. You may access Kuali Research via the myUMB Portal. After logging on to myUMB, you will find a link for Kuali Research on the left-hand side.

Changes and updates

Department or Role Changes — To request that an existing KR User be given access to new units (departments), to add a role, etc., please complete and submit the Change User Role or Unit request.

To inactivate a User who is no longer at UMB or who no longer requires Kuali Research access, please submit your request via email.

Proposal Approver Updates — To request an update to a unit’s approval group, send an email describing the changes.

Email Distribution List Updates — To request updates to the email distribution lists used by SPA and SPAC for proposal and award notifications: