About URecFit and Wellness

University Recreation & Fitness (URecFit) and Wellness is committed to enriching the academic experience as well as encouraging the physical, mindful, cultural, spiritual, emotional, and social development of the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) community.

We will provide comprehensive programs that support student and staff engagement, lifelong learning opportunities, and positive lifestyle changes that embrace and foster the mission of UMB. We value our students, staff, faculty, and patrons by providing opportunities for participation, involvement, learning, leadership, and development. We will continue to promote and foster a sense of campus community and campus-centeredness within UMB.

As stewards of the campus recreational resources, we will constantly attempt, whenever possible, to expand current facilities, act as a resource, and accommodate the recreational, leisure, and wellness needs of the majority of the University community. Participants are encouraged to explore their limits, expand new horizons, and pursue healthy, active lifestyle choices.