Search records

Search Records is omni search functionality that allows you to search across all modules (Proposal Development, Institute Proposal, Award, Negotiations, and Subaward) by a single criteria and by a subset of criteria. This allows additional flexibility for search needs beyond the existing lookups that are limited to the given module. The traditional look-ups to search by module are still available and you will find them in the Common Tasks tab.

Dashboard Search Records

Screenshot of Left Navigation bar with Search Records highlighted

When you navigate to Search it will have the 'Search Everywhere' option selected which allows you to search across all sponsored modules and all fields within these document types. After entering a value in the field, hit enter or the Go button on the far right to initiate the search.

Screenshot to show example to search all modules in KR

Sort the results by clicking on the column headings. The number of results returned per page is limited to 10 but in the bottom right hand corner you can choose a larger number of rows per page (up to 100). You can also cycle through the pages using the arrow buttons.

Example to show categories to filter and narrow a search

To search by a specific category or narrow your results, click the dropdown of Search Everywhere to open the category options. Once criteria are selected you will see the added filters below the search screen.

Screenshot to show filters in omni search