Budget Modifications

At the time of proposal, the budget is based on anticipated and estimated costs. Can you update the budget after the award has been made? Some awards allow flexibility in reallocating funds from one budget category to another, and some must be expended as originally budgeted unless sponsor approval is obtained.

Budget modification request form

Budget Modification Requests

Sponsor approval

Sponsor approval is required when restrictions in spending categories are part of the terms and conditions of the award.

The PI writes a letter to the sponsor to request the budget modification. The letter should include the budget categories and dollar amounts to be increased and decreased, and a justification for the requested changes. The letter to the sponsor must be signed by the PI and a Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) authorized official. Emailed or electronic requests should be initiated by the PI and approved by a SPA official.

Internal approvals

Requests for budget modification are initiated and signed by the PI and forwarded for authorization and signature in the following order:
1. Department administrator
2. Department chair
3. Dean (not required for schools of medicine and pharmacy)
Submit to Sponsored Project Accounting and Compliance. When required, attach documentation of sponsor approval.


The PI must document the request for budget modification by explaining why the reallocation of funds is needed and how it will benefit the project.