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Employees of the Quarter

Krista Salsberg Picture for Employee and Manager of the Quarter

Manager of the Quarter

   Having been with the University for over 12 years now, Krista began her career with us as a contractual accountant in 2011. “I have enjoyed learning and growing over the years to be the Assistant Director in SPAC,” she says.
   The core values she embraces at UMB are Well-Being and Sustainability. Krista says, “I want to be the best that I can be providing guidance and support to the university while maintaining a work/life balance.” In adhering to this, Krista enjoys relaxing on the beach, going hiking on weekends, and going to craft shows and making crafts herself.
   Along with 80’s and country music, Krista also enjoys listening to Christmas Music. “I start listening to Christmas music as soon as it comes on Sirius each year.” In addition to the music, Krista prefers to watch Christmas movies on Hallmark channel as soon as they’re available. Although, Christmas music is her favorite, Krista’s favorite part of working at the University is being able to work with all the different staff and departments here.

Sedrick Henry Portrait

Employee of the Quarter

   Sedrick has been with UMB for the past 3 years now, starting as a Financial Analyst and now being a Senior Accountant for SPAC. He is most proud of being a Certified Fraud Examiner so far in his career, and he embraces the Service Excellence and Accountability core values. He says his favorite part of working at UMB is, “The collaborative effort within the organization to assist individuals and teams in accomplishing tasks and projects. There are resources readily available to promote the development of continuous learning through perseverance.”
   Sedrick doesn’t just climb the career ladder, but also mountains. When asked what people might be surprised to find out about him, he said, “[I] climbed the tallest peak on the island of Saint Lucia called the Pitons, twice.” The volcanic mountain is approximately 2,619 feet high. If you know where Saint Lucia is, in the Caribbean, you might not be surprised to find out Sedrick’s favorite type of music is Calypso.
   When he’s not climbing mountains, you might be able to find Sedrick playing soccer. It’s a favorite pastime of his. In fact, he says he enjoys watching, “YouTube clips of great soccer players from the early 90s.” Sedrick wants to one day travel to London for a Chelsea Soccer game.  


Our Mission:  Sponsored Projects Accounting and Compliance (SPAC) supports the University’s mission through our teams’ dedicated commitment to serving as a knowledgeable resource to our stakeholders in all aspects of post-award financial administration.

Our Vision: To aid in the growth of research at UMB through professionalism, collaboration, and accurate accounting and reporting.



Assistant Vice President
Office of Sponsored Projects Accounting and Compliance (SPAC)

My Mission: To create a departmental culture that facilitates the professional growth of a dynamic team that provides competent Post Award customer service to the campus community and everyone we interact with.

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