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Welcome to the UMB Faculty Senate webpages. In these pages, we detail who we are and what we do. Please look around: There is a roster of our current senators and officers, meeting schedule for this year, bylaws, and constitution.

If you seek information you do not find here, click on the link for a senator and send them an email, or, in the Ask the Faculty Senate link, send a comment, request, or question to us and someone will get back to you (unless you choose to send it anonymously).

2019 Board of Regents Faculty Award Nominations

Faculty members can nominate candidates for the 2019 Board of Regents annual faculty awards in Teaching, Scholarship, Mentoring, Public Service, or Innovation.

The first step is a five-page nomination packet to include: 

  1. A summary résumé
  2. A one-page essay from the nominee describing how he or she has contributed to excellence in the category of the nomination
  3. A letter of recommendation from the department chairperson or you
  4. Brief documentation of exemplary achievement summarizing the materials listed above for the category.

The five-page packets will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Then the Faculty Nominating Committee organized by the Faculty Senate will contact selected nomination packets to further develop that nomination to a full 20-page packet. See here for a memorandum detailing the entire nomination and selection process.

Please email packets to Malinda Hughes at mhughes@umaryland.edu by Oct. 1, 2018.