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Resources to help Kuali Research users at UMB

Information for users, organized by category.

Downloadable Guides

Proposal Development Guide: S2S ProposalsInstructions for system-to-system proposals (submitted via to the federal funding agency directly through Kuali Research)

Proposal Development Guide: Non-S2S ProposalsInstructions for non-S2S proposals (includes: NSF proposals, foundations, clinical studies, subaward proposals, state MOUs, IPAs, etc.)

Kuali Research Budget Entry — Instructions for proposal budgets

KR Navigation and Search Guide

Advice and Hints

Please contact your SPA team with questions and concerns.

  • Kuali Research and IE:  Because Internet Explorer is no longer an actively supported browser by Microsoft (with Edge being its replacement) Kuali will be ending its support for the browser. Kuali Research can still be accessed using Internet Explorer but Kuali will no longer be doing active support or fixes related to IE. At some point, Kuali will add a popup message for users that access the system with IE informing them they should be using a different browser such as MS Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
  • "Old" proposals.  Copying a proposal or updating one you started a while ago? PI certifications were updated 7/7/20 - delete and re-add the PI if the certifications are not current. On the Questionnaire, click the "Update available" button if it appears. Sync to current rates in the budget.
  • DO NOT enter UMCP persons from the employee look-up. Use the non-employee look-up and submit an Address Request if the person does not appear in the results. Entering UMCP persons causes validation issues and - more importantly - routing issues.
  • 9-digit ZIP codes: The NIH validates for 9-digit ZIP codes for U.S. addresses for Key Persons, Performance Sites, and Subrecipients. Look up the ZIP code at
  • NSF Proposals: Prepare NSF proposals for submission in NSF Fastlane.
  • Protocol number (Compliance): Do not use spaces or special characters in the Protocol Number. Dashes are OK.
  • Human Subjects Compliance entries
  • Logging out: Are you using the IE browser? If you are, you will need to manually remove the cookies from your browser before someone else can log into Kuali Research using your machine. If you are using Firefox or Chrome, you will need to Quit (close) the browser completely, then reopen it before someone else can log in using your machine.
  • Attachment names must not contain any spaces or special characters. Example: UniversityOfMaryland2018.pdf
More Help

‌Help with Kuali Research software questions: In addition to the resources in this section, look for the Help link within your Kuali Research proposal. The Help link is on the right of the top menu bar and links to articles that, though not UMB-specific, provide information about the software. If you still need assistance, please contact your department administrator or your SPA team.

Assistance with Proposal Development: If you have a proposal question that is not directly related to Kuali Research such as Sponsor application guidelines or preparing a proposal budget, go to the SPA website or contact your department administrator or your SPA team.

Technical Help: Contact and identify the Proposal number or document number when reporting a technical issue.

The ASC Help Desk also is available to address technical, password, portal, and system access issues. Phone: 410-706-HELP.