We are here for you

We at the Student Counseling Center recognize that the racially unjust situation in Minneapolis (as well as the multiple instances before and since) is quite difficult and traumatizing for the black community. We stand with you and are here to support you.

You can text: STEVE to (741-741), the Steve Fund is dedicated to the mental health of students of color and is also available 24/7.

Additionally, with June being Pride Month, recent legislation related to health care, and court rulings, we recognize that our LGBTQIA* students may feel overwhelmed and need some additional support. We stand with you and are here to support you.

You can text: START to (678-678), the Trevor Project is dedicated to the mental health of LGBTQIA* students and is also available 24/7.

As a reminder, our Crisis Support Line is available 24/7 and can be reached by dialing our number (410-328-8404) and press 7 to be directly connected to a counselor. For more crisis resources, please visit our Crisis Resource Page.

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We provide short-term, professional counseling and psychiatric services for currently enrolled full-time and part-time UMB students. Our mission is to help promote and maintain the emotional well-being of UMB students and serve as a resource to the entire university community.

Interested in our services or want to schedule an appointment?

Please call 410-328-8404 or stop by during regular business hours.

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Are you a faculty or staff member?

The counseling center offers a variety of resources to better assist your students and is here to help you with any students of concern.

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Need help now? Are You or a Friend in Crisis?

The Student Counseling Center offers a crisis walk-in hour Monday through Friday at 1:30 p.m. You may also call us at 410-328-8404 and state that you have a crisis for immediate assistance.

If you need to speak to a crisis counselor after regular business hours, on a weekend, or during holidays, call 410-328-8404 and choose option "7".

For more information about crisis resources, click here.