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General tips for searching in Kuali Research

KR Navigation and Search Guide

Kuali Research may intentionally limit search results. For example, for some searches like Proposals, results are limited to the first 499 found by the system. Narrow the search by entering additional information into the search fields.

  • For larger amounts of data (e.g., all results for a prolific investigator or all results for a department) use Coeus RAVEN.

Scroll down to see your search results.

Use the *asterisk*: Get in the habit of using an asterisk on each side of your search term. Example: *jones*

  • This is helpful for searching for persons with two last names (is it hyphenated? is the name entered as two last names or middle and last?) Example: *jones*
  • It also is helpful when searching for a sponsor or organization. The legal name of the sponsor may differ from the commonly used name. Example: *stanford*

If you will need to return to your search results, the right-click option may work. Right-click to open the selection in a new tab, and your search results will still be there for you in the other tab.

Searching for a UMB Performance Site? Enter UMB in the Last Name field of the Address Book look-up window. Over 80 results will appear. Sort by column headings.

When searching for a proposal:

  • Select the Researcher menu from the Welcome screen, top menu bar, and click on Search Proposals (in the first column) OR
  • Select the Unit menu from the Welcome screen, top menu bar, and click on the magnifying glass next to Proposal Development (in the first column)

To search for addresses or sponsors when you are not creating a proposal:

  • On the Welcome screen, Quick Links are available to Search for a Sponsor, View Address Book, and Search for an Organization
    • Address Book: Use this search to find non-UMB persons or performance sites. Hint: To find UMB performance sites, enter UMB in the Last Name field of the Address Book look-up.
    • Sponsor: Click on the the Sponsor Code in the results to see the Sponsor's address. As a rule, this address will be the headquarters or sponsored projects office address.
    • Organization (Subrecipients): Click on the Organization ID for details about the organization, or click on the Contact Address ID to view the address (location).
  • To add a new non-UMB person, Sponsor, or Subrecipient in Kuali Coeus, submit the Address Request.