Restricted Party Screening

The United States government restricts or prohibits U.S. individuals and entities from exports to and other transactions with a party contained in U.S. government export denial, debarment, and blocked persons lists. Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) assists with restricted party screening on request and for routine transactions including:

On-request and risk-based reviews of foreign entities and individuals may include proposal sponsors and collaborators, on-campus seminar speakers or conference attendees, overseas wire transfers other than for subawards, foreign national consultants, and any other international collaboration or travel. Contact the export officer to request review.

Valid match/false hits: When screening a name, the system may indicate that there is a match. When that happens, we must determine if it is a true match or a false hit. We may request additional information from you to exclude the match, such as the person’s date of birth. Often the person’s CV or J-1 Visa Request Form will provide sufficient information.

Timing: The process of restricted party screening itself will not delay your transaction. If we need to research a potential match, you will be notified promptly, and any documentation you provide in response will be promptly reviewed. The transaction (services to be provided, work to be performed, technology or technical data to be shared, grant/contract funding) also will be reviewed for export compliance; please provide complete information about the transaction.