*If you are experiencing symptoms or been exposed to COVID-19 and you live or work on campus, please refer to UMB's COVID-19 Isolation/Quarantine Protocols.

**If you need to report an Environmental & Safety, Research, or Other Compliance concern related to COVID-19 please continue to the File a Report section below and select Environmental & Safety, Research, or Other as the type on the next webpage.

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The UMB Ethicspoint Hotline is not an emergency service, if you require immediate emergency assistance, call 911.


The University of Maryland, Baltimore is committed to a culture that is reflective of our Core Values. All members of our UMB Community are responsible for creating that shared Culture.

If you have experienced, witnessed, or suspect someone has acted contrary to our Code of Ethics, Core Values, Policies or Procedures, or violated a law report your concerns.


Fear of reprisals should not be a deterrent to reporting known or suspected misconduct. Retaliation includes any adverse action against a person because he or she has made a complaint in good faith or participated in a University process.  Retaliation will not be tolerated.

If a member of the UMB Community suspects they have experienced retaliation, please report it using the Hotline.




Report Electronically:






Report by Phone:



 Once you submit your report, you will be provided with a Report Key to access the Report and respond to any questions that may be asked.

 Note: The Hotline allows for anonymity, and provides a method for ongoing communication with UMB during the inquiry process.

Follow-Up on Existing Report

 You will need your Report Key and Password to access the Report.

 Report Follow-Up


Please follow up regularly on your Report to answer questions or provide requested information.

The Hotline is provided by a 3rd party to allow for anonymous reporting, UMB cannot retrieve or reset your Report Key/Password.


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