Kuali Research Requests: Users, Addresses, Sponsors, Subrecipients 

Address Request — request to add persons (non-UMB), performance sites, sponsors, and subrecipients in Kuali Research

User Request — request that a new user (UMB employee or affiliate) gain access to Kuali Research

Change User Roles Request — request to modify access to Kuali Research for an existing user

Subawards - proposals with subrecipients 

Subrecipient Letter of Support Sample

Template Letter of Support - Foreign Subrecipient - NIH application - use for NIH grant or cooperative agreement applications

FEDERAL PROPOSALS submitted S2SGuidance for selecting the correct Subaward Budget Form. The subaward budget form must correspond to your funding opportunity. Download the form from your Kuali Research proposal after it has been linked to the Funding Opportunity. If the proposal will be submitted via ASSIST or Workspace, you should be able to obtain the correct Subaward Budget within those systems. Contact your SPA Team with any questions.

NON-S2S and NON-FEDERAL PROPOSALS:  Please use the form below, which can be uploaded into the Kuali Research budget.

Subaward Budget Form for Kuali Research

NOTE: IF YOU CANNOT ACCESS THIS FILE, please contact Janet or Danielle. Firewalls prevent some users from downloading the file.


Subawards (outgoing from UMB) 

Subaward Request (request to issue a subaward - sponsored project funding)

Subaward Request - Internal (request to issue a subaward - internal/institutional funding)

Questions Worksheet-Request for NEW Subaward

Questions Worksheet-Request to Modify Subaward

Subrecipient Commitment Form

Budget template-subaward request - for use with subaward agreement document - not for use in Kuali Research

Subrecipient or Vendor Checklist

PI Subaward Closeout Authorization