Kuali Research Requests: Users, Addresses, Sponsors, Subrecipients

Address Request — request to add persons (non-UMB), performance sites, sponsors, and subrecipients in Kuali Research

User Request — request that a new user (UMB employee or affiliate) gain access to Kuali Research

Change User Roles Request — request to modify access to Kuali Research for an existing user

Subawards - proposals with subrecipients

Statement of Work template

Subrecipient Letter of Support Sample

Guidance for selecting the correct Subaward Budget Form. Briefly, the subaward budget form must correspond to your funding opportunity. The Proposal S2S section, Forms tab identifies the name of the required form. Contact your SPA Team for assistance.

NOTE: IF YOU CANNOT ACCESS THESE FILES, please contact Janet or Danielle. Firewalls are preventing some users from downloading the files.

Subaward Budget Form RR_SubawardBudget30_1_4-V1.4  (open with Adobe Reader)

Subaward Budget Form RR_SubawardBudget_1_4-V1.4  (open with Adobe Reader)

Subaward Budget Form RR_SubawardBudget10_10_1_4-V1.4  (open with Adobe Reader)

Subaward Budget Form RR_SubawardBudget10_30_1_4-V1.4  (open with Adobe Reader)