Seed Grants 2014

Elliot Hong (UMB, School of Medicine) and Jonathan Simon (UMCP, School of Engineering):
Temporal Auditory Coding in Schizophrenia and Treatment-Resistant Auditory Hallucination

Reha Erzurumlu (UMB, School of Medicine) and Yu Chen (UMCP, School of Engineering):
Imaging activity-dependent development of the somatosensory pathway

Joseph Stains (UMB, School of Medicine) and Kan Cao (UMCP, College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences):
The Role of the Beta-Catenin Signaling Cascade in the Skeletal Phenotype of Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome

Rajabrata Sarkar (UMB, School of Medicine) and Steven Jay (UMCP, School of Engineering):
Engineering extracellular vesicle nanobiotechnology for vascular therapy

Mark Shirtliff (UMB, School of Dentistry) and Yoann LeBreton and Kevin McIver (UMCP, College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences):
Identifying Novel Therapeutic Targets of Invasive Group A Streptococcal Infections Using In Vivo Next-Generation Sequencing RNA-seq and Tn-seq methodologies

Jane Lipscomb (UMB, School of Nursing) and Robert Feldman (UMCP, School of Public Health):
Blood Borne Pathogen Assessment Survey among Healthcare Workers in Haiti

Mary Ann Jabra-Rizk (UMB, School of Dentistry), Steven Hoag (UMB, School of Pharmacy), and Amy Karlsson (UMCP, School of Engineering):
Development and in Vivo Evaluation of a novel antimicrobial agent