Supplemental Info

The Supplemental Information section of Kuali Research contains "custom" fields for data collection. First, select the tab labeled "Baltimore - General". 

COVID-19 funding (yes/no) - required. Check YES if you are routing a proposal through KR that is going to be awarded with COVID-19 designated funds. If the proposal is awarded you must have a segment set up with UCOVID19 purpose so that SPAC will be able to choose that field in purpose field of Quantum Financials.

Financial Department - required - enter the unit that will manage financial matters if the proposal is funded.

NIH/AHRQ Activity Code - required for all NIH and AHRQ proposals, for proposals that we are submitting to NIH or AHRQ (not when we are participating as a subrecipient)

Valid values are: D43, F30, F31, F32, K01, K07, K08, K23, K99, P01, P30, P50, R00, R01, R03, R21, R24, R25, R35, R61, RF1, S10, T32, U01, U19, U24, U41, U54, UG1, UG3, UH3, UM1, Other K, Other, and N/A

  • Entries are case-sensitive. The validation will generate an error message if a code is not entered at all, or if a code value is not entered exactly as expected.
  • The anticipated activity type is typically part of the Funding Opportunity Announcement.
  • The entry “Other” should be used if the NIH Activity Code you need is not on the list (for example, R13, RM1, C06).
  • The entry “N/A” should be used if the proposal is not for a grant, fellowship, or cooperative agreement, and therefore does not have an NIH Activity Code. Examples are contracts, task orders, and IPA agreements.

Quantum Activity and Quantum Purpose - not required for proposal submission in KR, but data will be used for Project set-up if entered

Sponsor Protocol Number (30 characters maximum) - required if Activity Type is Clinical Trial. if there is no protocol number to reference, enter “not available”.

Third Party Payer Name (50 characters maximum) - required if Activity Type is Clinical Trial. If payment to UMB will be issued via a 3rd party payer: fill in the name of the company (the CRO, for example).  If payment to UMB will be issued directly from the Sponsor, then enter: not applicable