UMB-UMCP Seed Grant Program

The goal of the MPowering the State Seed Grant initiative is to stimulate the submission of innovative basic and translational science research proposals to federal, public, or private funding agencies through collaboration between the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) and the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP).

The partnership seeks to encourage groups of faculty members from both institutions to collaborate on new avenues of research that would not otherwise be explored by any single group, or to boost an existing collaboration toward a major proposal submission. All areas of research at UMB and UMCP will be considered for funding. Projects should further the strategic collaborative interests between the two institutions and provide a clear path toward subsequent major external funding.

UM Research and Innovation Partnership Grant Program


University of Maryland, Baltimore
Maggi Smith, Research Administrator, School of Medicine, Office of Research Affairs

University of Maryland, College Park
Hana Kabashi, Program Officer, Research Development Office
(301) 405-4178     Information

Funded Projects

2017 Awards

UMB News Release, October 4, 2017

Abstracts of 2017 projects

Kelly Doran (UMB, School of Nursing) and Julia Felton (UMCP, College of Behavioral Social Sciences): Utilizing peer-recovery advocates to implement an evidence-based intervention to decrease substance use among low-income minority adults

Richard N. Pierson (UMB, School of Medicine), Agnes M. Azimzadeh (UMB, School of Medicine), Jonathan S. Bromberg (UMB, School of Medicine), and Christopher M. Jewell (UMCP, School of Engineering): Local engineering of the lymph node microenvironment in non-human primates to support translational therapies targeting autoimmunity and transplant rejection

Bruce Yu (UMB, School of Pharmacy) and Taylor Woehl (UMCP, School of Engineering): Noninvasive and Direct Imaging Methods for Characterizing Protein Aggregates in Biologics

C. Daniel Mullins (UMB, School of Pharmacy) and Stephen B. Thomas (UMCP, School of Public Health): Assessing Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs and Willingness of African Americans in West Baltimore and Southern Prince George’s County to Participate in Genomics Research

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