The Global Hub is a one-stop shop for personalized support with all international activities and engagement by UMB personnel and units. We are here to help and are staffed by specialists in international programs, finance, human resources, travel, and more! 

Tell us what you’d like to do, and we’ll help you do it!

International Travel

International travel with UMB requires prior authorization and use of a UMB-approved travel agency to procure tickets and accommodations. Our team can assist with these requirements and more to ensure your travels are smooth and safe.

Check out travel requirements and travel safety.

Plan Global Activities

Here are resources to help you make payments, engage an international service provider, lease space, plan education abroad, organize an international conference, and conduct other administrative activities outside the US.

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UMB Global Footprint

UMB is everywhere! Check out what we’re doing around the globe, including a map of UMB's Global Activity.

See UMB's global footprint.

Check out the recording of Dr. Jarrell’s Virtual Town Hall that launched the Global Hub on Nov. 1 below and read the article about the launch in the President’s Newsletter.


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