Unfunded Agreement Approval

An unfunded agreements is an agreement that addresses specific needs, often related to a sponsored project, but is not a funding instrument; that is, UMB is not awarded sponsored funds via the agreement nor does it award project funding to the other party. At UMB, three offices handle and approve unfunded agreements associated with collaborations and sponsored programs. All have an approval process and require an authorized official signature.

Unfunded Agreement Type Approval Mechanism Review/negotiation Signature
International MOU, Affiliation Agreement or Exchange Agreement Global Hub University Counsel or designee UMB President or designee
MOU with US organization Kuali Research SPA SPA
Material Transfer Agreement UMBiz CCT CCT
CDA, DUA, Equipment Loan Agreement with commercial (for-profit) partner UMBiz CCT CCT
CDA, DUA, Equipment Loan Agreement with not-for-profit partner Kuali Research SPA SPA
Teaming Agreement Kuali Research SPA SPA
Consortium Agreement (Multi-party) Kuali Research SPA SPA
Visitor (Visiting Scientist) Agreement (incoming visitors) Form signed by Chair or Director SPA SPA


SPA:  SPA-Contracts@umaryland.edu except Visiting Scientist Agreements for incoming visitors

CCT:  asidd001@umaryland.edu

Global Hub:  globalhub@umaryland.edu

Acronyms and Resources

CCT:  Center for Clinical Trials and Corporate Contracts

CDA:  Confidential Disclosure Agreement (may also be called: Confidentiality Agreement, Non-disclosure Agreement, Secrecy Agreement)

DUA:  Data Transfer/Sharing/Use Agreement

UMB Policy Regarding Ownership, Management, and Sharing of Research Data

Kuali Research:  User must have PI roles or Pre-award Department roles in Kuali Research to initiate a proposal and route the unfunded agreement. Contact your department administrator or your SPA Team for more information.

MOU:  Memorandum of Understanding