Add non-UMB persons or entities

Add non-UMB persons, sponsors, performance sites, and subrecipients

Use the Address Request if the person or entity that you need for a proposal or subaward does not appear in your Kuali Research search results.

Tips for searching in Kuali Research

The Address Request is used to:

  • Add non-UMB persons, such as collaborators, sponsor contacts, subrecipient contacts, and consultants
  • Add a new sponsor
  • Add a new subrecipient ("Other Organization")
  • Add a new performance site
Other Kuali Research Requests (send an email)

To update existing Address Book, Sponsor or Subrecipient information in Kuali Research:  Send an email with information to identify the record (Address Book ID, Sponsor ID, entity name, person's name) and describe the updates needed.

Information about UMB students, UMMC residents, and UMB affiliates

If an individual will be the PI on a UMB proposal, follow the "Kuali Research Employee Look-up" instructions to add the person to the KR employee look-up, so that they will be able to certify the proposal. In most other cases, the person can be added in the Address Book and will appear in the KR non-employee look-up.