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Health Inequities Affect Us All

Learning healthcare systems, including those that advance health equity, have been highlighted as necessary to advancing health, yet true learning health systems for health equity remains elusive. The United States continues to lag behind other high-income countries on significant health indicators, including infant mortality, chronic disease, and overall mortality, largely due to health and health care inequities. Additionally, societal imposed norms and historic systemic oppression have resulted in the widespread inequities seen and felt throughout the country. These health inequities have led to higher healthcare costs, a decrease in overall positive health outcomes in marginalized populations, and premature deaths. ​

Interventions designed to eliminate health inequity in other countries may also work in local communities in the United States. The Global Learning for Health Equity Network is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded effort to build a framework that will support the adaptation of health equity interventions from overseas to U.S. settings with a strong focus on community engagement and bidirectional learning.

A Global Learning for Health Equity Network will bring innovation, strengthen current resources for health equity, and seek to improve health outcomes. Change begins with you!

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