Faculty Transfers - Outgoing

Faculty Transfers: Leaving UMB

Transferring a faculty member to a new organization is a team effort. Work with Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) and Sponsored Projects Accounting and Compliance (SPAC) to transfer eligible awards.

The Departing PI Award Disposition Notification is used to notify both SPA and SPAC that a principal investigator (PI) for one or more active sponsored awards is leaving UMB. This form may be used for all departures, whether transfer, retirement, or other situation. Initiate the form once the departure information has been made public. Contact your SPA team and/or your SPAC team if you have questions about the process.

Award Dispositions
  • The transferring PI may request that their grants and equipment purchased with grant funds be transferred to their new organization. Be aware that not all transfer requests are approved. If some project work continues at UMB, a subaward from the new organization may be proposed.
  • The award may stay at UMB. In the case of awards that will stay at UMB, a change of PI request must be initiated. In some cases, a subaward may be issued to support the PI's project effort at their new organization.
  • The award may be terminated.

Approval: Transferring awards and equipment to another institution requires the prior written approval of the department chair, the dean, and SPA. A memo of request signed by the PI and the department chair is directed to the dean for approval, and the approved document is forwarded to SPA. The memo must list the awards and equipment that the PI wishes to transfer. For each item of equipment, provide the project used to purchase the equipment. SPA cannot sign any documents required for transfer of an award or equipment (relinquishing form, contract amendment, etc.) without the dean's approval for the transfer.

Transfer: Each transferring award will be handled on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the sponsor's instructions for award transfer. A relinquishing statement, final fiscal report or final invoice, and final invention report signed by the PI are commonly required from UMB. Some sponsors also require a final progress report.


The department is responsible for reconciling each project, in cooperation with SPAC.

The department is responsible for initiating the Departing PI Award Disposition Notification and for overall management of the disposition.

The PI is responsible for submitting final technical (program) and invention reports for all awards that have terminated or will terminate upon the PI's departure.

The department is responsible for managing any subrecipients.

  • Notify the subrecipient.
  • Request the final invoice and work with Accounts Payable to make final payment.
  • Submit a Subaward Request Internal to early terminate the subrecipient agreement.

The PI is responsible for working with the sponsored projects office at the new institution regarding forms and documents to be sent to the sponsor from the new institution.

For Reference

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