SPA Book Club 2024

Memo sent to RAC 5/21/2024

Dear Colleagues,

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of the Sponsored Programs Administration’s (SPA) first book club, a unique opportunity for us to delve into the complexities and insights of the academic research process together. Our chosen read, Demystifying the Academic Research Enterprise by Kelvin K. Droegemeier, offers a comprehensive guide for research faculty across all stages of their careers as well as the central and departmental research administrators who play a crucial role in the life of a sponsored project. This book promises to deepen our understanding of the academic research process and engage us in a broader conversation about shaping the future of research. As we work through the book, we will gain insights into the collaborative efforts of all and discuss our varying perspectives as both researchers and administrators.

Our book club sessions will feature active participation from SPA’s senior management team, with each person taking turns facilitating discussions on the book's chapters. We will meet virtually every 6 weeks to discuss one chapter of the book. The first discussion, covering chapter one, is scheduled for June 13. This schedule should provide participants ample time to read each chapter.

Demystifying the Academic Research Enterprise is an open access publication and can be downloaded for free from MIT Press. To view the full schedule and register for a session, please visit the SPA website

We look forward to engaging discussions. Further details and any preparatory materials will be provided closer to each session.

Thank you!


Jill A. Frankenfield
Associate Vice President, Sponsored Programs Administration