Unfunded Agreements

Unfunded agreements are agreements that address specific needs related to sponsored projects, but are not a funding instrument. Examples are nondisclosure agreements, equipment loan agreements, teaming agreements, and data use agreements. Unfunded agreements that will be reviewed by Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) must be entered in and routed through Kuali Research prior to SPA review.

Guidance for routing and approvals of unfunded agreements - learn which agreements are reviewed by SPA.

Instructions and Form for Routing Unfunded Agreements

Follow this procedure for confidentiality (non-disclosure) agreements (NDAs), data sharing/transfer/use agreements (here abbreviated as DUAs), Business Associate Agreements, teaming agreements, equipment loan agreements, and other unfunded agreements that will be reviewed and signed by SPA. The DUA Questionnaire (for DUAs) or the Unfunded Agreement Request (for all others) must be completed and uploaded in the Attachments section of the unfunded agreement proposal.

Create a proposal in Kuali Research:

Proposal Details

Proposal Type: Select New, Renewal, or Revision

Lead Unit:  Select the correct unit for approvals; this field cannot be edited once the proposal is saved in KR

Activity Type: Select Other Sponsored Program

Project Dates: Enter the anticipated start and end dates of the agreement. Use your best estimate.

Project Title:  Enter a descriptive title to allow SPA to identify the agreement and project. This may be the title of the project from which data was collected or a reference to a funding opportunity or award. Examples:  (1) NIH Grant CA012345; (2) Depleted Uranium Program

Sponsor: Enter the organization that is the other party to the agreement

  • If the other organization does not appear in the Sponsor look-up, submit an Address Request for a New Sponsor.

Prime Sponsor: Leave blank

Sponsor & Program Information

Sponsor Deadline:

  • Enter a date at least 10 days out from when you anticipate submitting the proposal for routing
  • OR, if the Sponsor (other party to the agreement) requests the agreement be completed earlier, enter the date requested by the Sponsor.

Anticipated Award Type:  Select the description that best fits the unfunded agreement you are routing. Choose from: Non-Disclosure Agreement, Teaming Agreement, Equipment Loan, Data Use Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding

Organizations & Locations

Performance Site Locations tab: 

  • For UMB, use Address Book ID 7934
  • Add the appropriate entry from the Address Book look-up for the other site (the party listed as Sponsor and any other external institutions or organizations that will sign this agreement). If there is no matching result from your search, submit an Address Request for a Performance Site.
  • HINT: Search using a collaborator's last name (if known), or enter a portion of the organization name in the Organization field (using asterisks for the wild card search). Example:  *Nairobi*

Organizations tab:  Leave blank. This tab is for subrecipients and is not applicable to unfunded agreements.

Key Personnel
  • Add the UMB PI as PI/Contact
  • Add any other UMB personnel that may be involved with this unfunded agreement. Select the role Key Person and in the field that appears, enter a role description.
  • If known, add the principal investigator from the other party. Select the role Key Person and in the field that appears, enter a role description. If the person does not appear in the Non-Employee look-up search results, submit an Address Request for a new non-UMB person.

When applicable, add compliance entries.

  • If documents have been received from the other party, attach the proposed agreement or any other related documents.
  • Attach a document containing the scope of work and/or purpose of the agreement. 
  • For DUAs, in addition to the scope of work and/or purpose, attach a list of the data to be transferred, if available, including what (if any) identifiers will be shared.
  • Upload the completed DUA Questionnaire (for DUAs) or the Unfunded Agreement Request (for all others). NOTE: Your unfunded agreement will not be reviewed unless and until SPA receives the completed form.

Complete the questionnaire(s). The questionnaire responses may pertain to the unfunded agreement and/or the related project (if any).


Leave blank


Add access for the UMB PI.

Add access for SPA Contracts Team members.

Supplemental Information

On the Baltimore-General tab, respond to the Covid question and add your financial department

On the "Baltimore - SPAC Required Fields" tab, enter:  Other, ON, 0

Validate and Certify
  • Have all UMB Key Persons certify the proposal.
  • In the top menu bar, select Data Validation. In the pop-up window, Turn On validation. Ignore the Budget Warning: "Proposal 12345 does not have a budget." Correct any other errors or warnings.
  • Check the section Basics: Sponsor & Program Information. Is the Sponsor Deadline still 10 days out from the date of routing? Update as needed.
  • Submit for Review. A Budget Warning will appear. Click the blue button, "Submit with Warnings".
  • The proposal will route for approvals in the usual manner.