Agreement status updates

Review status updates for agreements in Kuali Research

The SPA Contract Team will update each contract within the appropriate Kuali Research Institutional Proposal record assigned to that particular contract. While this does not replace email communications between you and SPA staff, our intent is to use this process in Kuali Research for real-time contract status inquiries and updates in order to effectively and efficiently respond to the numerous status requests SPA receives.

This process was initiated March 1, 2021. Please continue to use email to inquire as to status updates, if the Kuali record is not currently updated.


Screenshot of left navigation bar highlighting Common Tasks

Select Common Tasks from the left navigation menu in Kuali Research.

In Common Tasks, in the Institutional Proposal card, select Search Institutional Proposals

In the search window, Institute Proposal Lookup:

Enter and search for the Institutional Proposal Number, if you have it.


Enter a portion of the Project Title. 

Use *asterisks* before and after the portion of the project title you wish to search.

You may search using other fields such as the Principal Investigator. Review the results. For negotiations in progress, the record should have a "Pending" status. 

Click "open" under the Actions column to open the record.

In the Institute Proposal record, scroll to the bottom of the screen, to the panel labeled "Notes and Attachments".  If there is a number in parentheses after this label, then there are notes and/or attachments available. Click on "show" to open the panel and review the notes. Download any attachments by clicking on the paperclip icon.