Proposal essentials

Working with international collaborators leads to unique challenges. Have you considered these issues?

Clear scope of work. The subrecipient’s scope of work must clearly describe what your collaborators are responsible to accomplish if the award is made. Talk with your collaborators to make sure they understand your expectations, the goals of the project, their roles and obligations, and specific sponsor requirements.

Animals and human subjects in research. If the foreign subrecipient’s scope of work involves human subjects research, work with the Human Research Protections Office. If the foreign subrecipient's scope of work includes animal research, work with the Office of Animal Welfare Assurance. These offices will help you to determine UMB’s requirements for compliance, documentation, and approval.

Export controlled work. Most research at UMB falls under the fundamental research exclusions of the U.S. export control regulations. If you expect to send (physically export) materials to the foreign collaborator or if you will be conducting research in a foreign country, you should determine whether your work is export controlled and therefore may require a license. A material transfer agreement may also be needed.

Sanctioned countries. It is reasonable to assume that a transaction with certain OFAC embargoed countries will require a general or specific license from OFAC, or a documented license exemption. This list of embargoed countries is routinely updated by the U.S. government. License exemptions are very limited for embargoed countries; consult with ORD’s export control officer before proceeding further.

Reasonable budget. Do the supplies and personnel requested appear sufficient for the work proposed? If not, review the scope of work and the collaborators’ expectations — there may be a disconnect or misunderstanding.

Potential items for UMB's budget or the subrecipient's. Should any of these costs be included?

  • Travel
  • Translation (reports, invoices/receipts, surveys, etc.)
  • Training
  • Shipping
  • Communication
  • Wire transfer fees

SPA's guidance on proposals with subrecipients

Congressional District.  Use 00-000 (zeros) for non-U.S. organizations

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