Performance Sites - Organizations

The Organization and Location section of the proposal collects information about where the project will be performed, at UMB and elsewhere.

Applicant Organization, Performing Organization:  Do not modify

Performance Site Locations: At least one performance site must be entered on the Performance Site Locations tab.

Performance Sites are locations where investigators will perform project work. The building address is sufficient — more detail such as room number is not needed.

List UMB locations as Performance Sites.

List other organization addresses here if no subaward funds are requested for the other organization — an address for a non-UMB person is acceptable since the person's name, email, and phone do not show when the Performance Sites form is printed. Subrecipients are entered on the Other Organizations tab, but performance locations may also be entered on the Performance Site Locations tab.

To search for UMB sites in Kuali Research: In the Address Book lookup, enter UMB in the Last Name field. The search will result in a list of over 80 UMB sites. Select one or more.

If the site you need does not appear in the search results, complete the form Request a new Performance Site.

The Congressional District is a required field for federal grant submissions. Performance sites in the area on and close to campus should use MD-007. For other sites, use the 9-digit ZIP code to search for the Congressional District. Use DC-098 for Washington, DC addresses. Use 00-000 (all zeros) for foreign addresses.

To enter the congressional district,

  • Click +Add Congressional District
  • Select the State from the dropdown menu
  • Enter the District Number (3 digits; example: 007)
  • Click Add

Other Organizations: If subaward funds are requested for a collaborating organization (subrecipient), add the organization on the Other Organizations tab. The Organization Lookup searches a particular set of organizations that have been added in Kuali Research to be used as subawards. Use asterisks in the Organization Name field for best results (example: *hopkins*). If the organization does not appear in the results, complete the form Request a new Subrecipient (Other Organization)

If the Congressional District is not populated upon adding the Other Organization, send an email to have it added.