Subaward Request Instructions

Information you will need to enter the Subaward Request:

These documents list all the fields that may appear in the Subaward Request form and are intended to help you work with your PI to obtain the information needed to complete the online form:

View submitted or saved forms

  • Log into Kuali Build. Click on My Documents, and then select Submitted or Drafts. Click on a form to open. It will open in the same window - click the X in the upper right corner to return to your list.
  • Drafts:  These forms have not been submitted into workflow and are editable. You may start a form, save it, and complete it later, or delete a form that will not be submitted.
  • Submitted:  The form number is in the "Title" column. The Actions column will show what actions are available for the form. Or, open the form and the actions available will appear as buttons in the upper right corner.
  • If a form is sent back to you for revisions, it will appear in your Submissions list and will be editable.


Workflow - After the form is submitted, it will be sent to the UMB PI for approval. After the PI approves, a request for a new subaward is sent to SPA for risk assessment and then to the SPA Subaward team for review and approval.  After the PI approves, a request to modify an existing subaward is sent to the SPA Subaward team for review and approval.

The SPA Subaward team may return the form to you for revisions. Make the revisions and approve to resubmit the form for continued review. When the SPA Subaward team approves the request, a subaward record is created in Kuali Research. The SPA Subaward team will prepare the agreement for final review before issuing it to your subrecipient.

Status - To find out where the request is in the workflow, log into Kuali Build, click on My Documents, and select Submitted. If the status says "In Progress" (in yellow), click on the line to view the form. In the left column of the form, toggle from Review to Status to view the workflow and actions. You will receive an email from Kuali Notifications at several points in the workflow including after the request is sent to the PI for approval.

If the Status column says "Complete" (in green), then the form has been approved and the Kuali Build process is completed. Submitters receive an email with a PDF of the approved form. No changes can be made to the form via Kuali Build after it is approved and complete. At this point, the Kuali Research record for this subaward has been created or updated, and the SPA Sub Team will send the new or modified subaward to the subrecipient.